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Our vision is to connect and empower qualified lactation consultants and trained breastfeeding supporters from Africa.



LACSA holds regular general meetings, case discussions and topic discussions
Staying abreast with local breastfeeding topics
Peer support in a members only WhatsApp group

Directory listing

Listing in the directory on the LACSA website
Families looking for support can find you and are confident to get professional care

Training opportunities


Continuing Education Recognition Points

Training opportunities for both public and members
Development of breastfeeding related handouts in the African context

Promotion of lactation support

Promotion of Lactation Consultants as a stand-alone profession

Promotion of trained breastfeeding supporters
Increased visibility
Increased recognition by medical aid companies

“You know also that the beginning is the most important part of any work, especially in the case of a young and tender thing; for that is the time at which the character is being formed and the desired impression is more readily taken”

Dialogue between Socrates and Adeimantu

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